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About us


Brightside Flowers' owner, Kathy Dimzoff loves the lessons you can learn when working with seeds, plants, shrubs or trees.  There is a spiritual connection with nature when working with plants that makes it all so rewarding.  Our goal here at Brightside Flowers is to bring the gardening experience to our community with a new and fresh view on landscaping.   We are introducing a quality and competitively priced product that will bring the joy into landscaping your little patch of paradise..

A love for gardening

Why we started          

Brightside Flowers...


In 2016 Brightside Flowers came to be.  The idea was to bring in a product that provided our community with plants that were acclimated and suitable for our growing season and climate.  All the while passing on the love of gardening to everyone we can reach.

An Idea Is Born

Our First Year

In 2020 our retail greenhouse was built.  The term, "If you build it, they'll come"  proved to be true.  Our amazing community came and supported this dream of ours.  We hope you will join us in our journey as we grow and bring you a fantastic selection of amazing quality plants for every part of your landscape.

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