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F all in love with gardening


Aspiring to bring the best plants to you.

Gift Certificates Available


The PERENNIAL selection at Brightside Flowers is grown and or finished here in this climate, so when it comes to you it's ready to flourish.  We have striven to bring the hardiest perennials to you, and guarantee their success or we will be happy to replace them.  We carry deer resistant varieties, shade loving, sun loving, and alkaline loving plants. Click on tab to view a small taste of our selection.  Come visit us to see it all!


Our VEGGIE, HERBS, & ANNUALS are finished right here in this climate, therefore they are already acclimated and ready to start growing when added to your landscape or garden,  Brightside Flowers has an extensive selection of different varieties and visually pleasing flowers, manicured hanging baskets, and "new this year" annuals.  We also carry all the vegetable plants and herbs for your healthy garden plans!  Exciting things are growing!  Come see us early to browse our selection of fantastic healthy plants!


Brightside Flowers brings SHADE & FRUIT TREES in from an Oregon grower that has been perfecting the art for over 70 years.  Therefore, we can guarantee they are grown with precision and care.  We believe this provides you with trees that are started on the right foot as they receive proper pruning during important growing stages, have straight strong trunks and hardy roots.  Click on tab to view our selection that will make a fantastic addition to your landscape for years to come.

SEEDS are a great way to teach your children a miracle in something as simple as planting a seed that's smaller then their hand and watching it grow into something as tall or taller then they are.  We have a large selection of seeds from flowers, to herbs to veggies.  Visit us today and get started on those miracles!

All the SOIL  we use in our greenhouse is Oregon sourced, organic and free of additives.  We have this same soil available for sale at our retail greenhouse!   Whether your starting seeds, planting your flowers, or adding soil to your tree plantings, this soil is the answer for all these applications!  Naturally giving the plants what they need!


Our one of a kind GIFT  selection includes living wreaths, potted plants and hanging baskets to name a few.  We also have garden gifts for your porch or catchy phrase towels that will bring joy to your kitchen, not to mention a conversation starter!   

Brightside Flowers also carries its own homemade Pine Resin Soap, designed to soften and clean chapped dry skin from a days work outside.

Why choose us?

We love what we do, and it shows in the quality of our products.  Please come in and visit us, Brightside Flowers wants to earn your trust and patronage.  We guarantee your satisfaction, and if you are not 100% satisfied, contact us so we can make it right.

Thank you for trusting us with all your landscaping needs!

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